Spanisch: Frühe Hilfen

- Traducción revisión. -


Are you expecting a baby or have recently given birth to a child?
You feel exhausted and unable to cope with the new circumstances?
Are you unhappy with your everyday situation on the whole or have problems in your partnership?

Is this the way you feel? Then contact us. Our various offers of Early Childhood Intervention will not leave you alone. Early Childhood Intervention offers a variety of support for families with children up to the age of three.


Family centres and exchange with other families
Famlienzentrum FiZ-West
Wasserwerkstraße 3
13589 Berlin
Phone: +49(0)30 2232 4148
Ansprechpartnerin: Alina-Mihaela Rasteanu


Translation and interpreting service
Gesellschaft für Interkulturelles Zusammenleben e. V.
Phone: +49(0)30 513 0100